• Launching Poetry Into Space!

    Hello Po-Folk, Let the countdown begin! In just two weeks my  book of space poems is “go for launch!” The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Poems to Take You Into Space and Back Again (Candlewick Press) is beautifully illustrated by the amazing Anna Raff. To mark the occasion I will be offering schools and libraries a special presentation based on the book, complete with music, costumes, puppets, participation, amazing facts, and, of course, a lot of poetry! This book and special author presentation are a great way to mark the 50thanniversary of the landing on the moon! I believe in bringing poems to life, from page to stage, so I’ve…

  • The Day the Universe Exploded My Head

    On March 5, 2019 hang on tight for a raucous bounce through the solar system and back — propelled by funny, fanciful, factually sound poems and exuberant illustrations by the amazing Anna Graff. Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon! The Day the Universe Exploded My Head is ready for pre-order now!

  • Gimme Some Space!

    Hello Po-Folk, A promising new school year is upon us and poetry is everywhere! Here is a photo of me last Spring with the very enthusiastic students at El Colegio Britanico in Quito, Ecuador. Palabra, ya’ll!  I’m now booking author visits and poetry presentations (all grades welcome) for the 2018-2019 school year, and beyond. So far my travels will take me to NC, SC, TN, KY, VA, PA, NY, and TX!  But I’m willing to go anywhere to get kids jazzed about poetry and the power of words!  I can’t wait to present the out-of-this-world new poems from my upcoming book, The Day the Universe Exploded My Head! with a whole new presentation that includes puppets, music, slides, costume pieces,…

  • Just Out! A Bunch of Punctuation…

    A new anthology has been published with one of my poems! The topic… (hint hint). Selected by noted anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins, A Bunch of Punctuation is a collection of all-new poems written from the points of view of personality-filled punctuation marks, and is a memorable introduction to grammar for children ages 7-12.

  • Under Construction

    We are making some changes on the website. Please excuse the mess. We will be ready for prime time soon!

  • Winter Wolf Howl

    What’s new in Allan’s world? Read about it in my latest Wolf Howl. And if you want to get these howls hand delivered to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list in the footer.

  • What I’m Reading

    Just started The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny (Liveright) by Michael Wallis.  I read a lot of non-fiction in my quest to create belieavable historical fiction. I’m already deeeeeep into a book about The Donner Party, so I had promised myself I’d cut off the research. BUT this book came out, and it seems like a pretty well-considered and professionally done. Soooooo. Recently finished Between Two Skies (Candlewick Press) by Joanne O’Sullivan. A moving story about a courageous girl caught up in the destruction which was Hurricane Katrina.  Satisfies my love of disaster, romance, and historical fiction.

  • What I’m Writing

    I now have five books under contract coming from the good folks at Candlewick Press. I have finished the first draft of of the final book in a trilogy (think New Found Land and The Watch that Ends the Night) of historical journey/disaster tales.  The subject is the doomed Donner Party who find themselves trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1848. This one is a bear! I’m working on it as we SPEAK! I’m in the editing stages of a collection of poems about Space, titled The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Poems That Take You Into Space and Back Again.  We’ve already got some art from the wonderful…